We guarantee you will never be cold again!

Let's face it, you'll never be cold again ...

Winter is fast approaching and autumn, already well established, is giving us a hard time.

That's why PURPLE STORE decides to take matters into their own hands and offer you the warmest and most comfortable of Canadian parkas.

Be ready to face the big cold with the biggest class.

moose knuckles homme

But what is Moose Knuckles, who is it?

Moose Knuckles is a Canadian brand established in 2007. The goal is to design the most luxurious and comfortable of winter sportswear coats.
To do this, the Canadian label uses the finest real furs, an explosive logo, Canadian know-how as well as breathtaking communication and marketing.
Dynamism that escapes no one, discover the new collection and enter the world of MOOSE KNUCKLES too.

The Moose Knuckles Logo.

Did you notice it too? That logo in the shape of a triangle? Well that represents the trace of a moose hoof in the snow.
Available on the sleeves, in silver, black and even gold, the iconic Moose Knuckles logo has become a must.
Discreet and full of personalities, this emblem has already seduced more than one. Distinctive mark of the brand, the tribe and the Moose Knuckles proudly wear each piece.

Moose knuckles homme

From the bomber jacket to the 3/4 parka we love them all!

Are you dynamic and casual?

Opt for the khaki black fur bomber , a timeless and trendy jacket or opt for the midnight blue color and a natural fur called Viking which will be revealed with finesse your wild side.

Are you very cautious?

You like your hips to be protected, so choose the STIRLING parka . Long, 3/4, warm and cocooning with these chest pockets, it will be your best friend for those extremely cold days.

You are very fashionable, were you looking for the "fashion" jacket for this winter?

Bingo !! The DULGAD down jacket is made for you. Warm thanks to its mix-material composition, it reveals its character through its shiny black nylon.

You now have everything you need to make the right choice and join the great Moose Knuckles family.

For more information do not hesitate to contact the Purple Store team.